Pro Audio, Lighting & Systems Asia 2025

17th-19th February, Futian District, Shenzhen, China

2024 Conference Programme

2024 Conference Programme

LED CHINA 2024 will showcase a wide range of industry conferences organized by the China Entertainment Technology Association and the China Video Industry Association. Exciting updates and comprehensive information will be shared soon. Stay connected for further details.


  • Spring Festival (New Year's Eve Party) Production Sharing Summit

  • AV Design and Production of Music Festivals, Concerts, and Cultural Tourism Projects

  • Multi-scene Application Forum of Audio and Video Technology

  • Application of AV Equipment in E-sports (Theme) Architectural Design

  • New Trends in the Development of Entertainment Venues

  • Seminar on Venue Idle Problems and Solutions

  • Electronic Audiovisual and Future Life Innovation Conference

  • Metaverse and Digital Person Innovation Conference

  • The 6th Mini/Micro LED Display Industry Conference

  • 8K Ultra HD Conference

  • Laser Display Conference

  • OLED Display Conference


*Some of the conferences will be conducted in Chinese only

BOE Press Conference

BOE MLED Global Promotion Conference——The excellent screen display with full effect

Date: 26 February 2024

Location: Hall 6, Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center, Futian District

Introduction to the Conference

BOE's MLED business has been bring surprises to the entire industry. Now, at LED CHINA, you have an exclusive chance to personally engage in their highly anticipated product launch event!

The conference will unveil the secrets behind chip-on-glass and other cutting-edge technologies, while showcasing an array of exceptional products such as LED all-in-one displays.



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