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2023 Exhibitor News: Beijing's Largest Naked Eye 3D Display, Leyard display technology at the debut of the Beijing Smart Gaming Center

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LED CHINA 2023 will grandly open from July 17th to 19th at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). Over 2000 participating brands have gathered, unveiling industry latest products one by one! Click here to register.

With numerous projects honed over the years in the LED display industry, Leyard has consistently been a trailblazer in the field of ultra-high-definition displays. Leyard's ultra-high-definition glasses-free 3D projects, created through display products and digital content creativity, have been successfully implemented in multiple locations such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Xi'an, becoming popular landmarks and igniting a nationwide trend of glasses-free 3D.

Giant LED Sky Screen in Shanghai

Naked eye 3D giant screen in Xian

Recently, the Beijing Esports Events Center has officially settled in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. Leyard, with its ultra-high-definition display technology and customized glasses-free 3D digital content, has created the largest glasses-free 3D display in Beijing.It synergizes with an indoor P3 high-definition full-color LED screen spanning over 680 square meters, helping the Beijing Esports Events Center make a grand appearance.

Stepping into the Beijing Esports Events Center park, the most eye-catching feature is the gigantic screen on the exterior facade of the esports arena. Utilizing nearly 900 square meters of high-definition LED display and the impressive visual reproduction capabilities of LED technology, Leyard incorporates immersive glasses-free 3D display techniques on a grand scale. With its high refresh rate, grayscale, and contrast, it vividly brings out the details in both dark and bright areas, making the animated characters appear as if they are about to come to life from the screen.

The largest naked-eye 3D screen for the Beijing Intelligent e-Competition Center

Over 680 square meters of indoor P3 high-definition full-color LED screen for eSports arena

The linkage formed by outdoor large screen and indoor screen

Compared with the traditional display, naked eye 3D display giant screen has the advantages of strong experience, more effective interaction, stronger reactions and more realistic communication, and has been written into the national industrial development plan.

Naked eye 3D screen for Tiankai Park

1038m² outdoor LED display, a new landmark of Wuxi Zhongshan Road

Naked eye 3D display in Chengdu Hejangting

1800㎡Naked Eye 3D Super Screen

Numerous visual effect technologies are emerging, and digital technology is increasingly occupying the core position. Leyard always insists on innovation-driven development to create cutting-edge visual effect experience with the advantages of digital visual effect technology. In the future, Leyard will continue to explore more fashionable and diversified display application solutions on the road of visual effect technology innovation.



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